DJ Doc Keep Calm and Doc On

Your wedding day…

Surrounded by your family and the friends dearest to you, you celebrate the commitment you make to your partner in life…the one you laugh with, the one you cry with, the one you share your hopes and dreams with, and the one with whom you move closer to those dreams.

One of the facets of that celebration that your guests will remember the most…beyond the food, the venue, and the décor…is the entertainment.

You want to get it right. You don’t get a second chance.

Wedding entertainment isn’t just that. It’s planning, coordination, and execution. It’s a whole “behind-the-scenes timeline” that is crafted ahead of time and observed on the big day in order for you and your guests to maximize the fun you have and be left with an impression that says, “that was perfect!”

Some weddings include more “pre-planned” activities (such as an “anniversary dance”), while others retain only the more traditional aspects. Whatever it is you wish to incorporate (or not), you don’t want it to feel rushed or “slapped together.” This is why you need an emcee who will closely monitor the passage of time during your event and organize the included activities so that they feel like a part of an impeccable flow.

Whether you envision your party as something lively and engaging or subdued and easy-going, I create and maintain the energy you’re looking for in order to make that unique impression that leaves your guests talking about the great time they had at your wedding. I do this:

…through the right music

…through the right announcements at the right times

…through the arrangement of activities

…through coordination with your other chosen wedding professionals (photographer, caterer, etc.)

When we meet for the first time, it won’t take long at all before you know that you have chosen the right DJ and emcee for your reception, and you’ll be well on your way to reducing any stress that comes with the planning of the moment-to-moment aspects of your celebration. Whether you want to maintain fine-tuned control over how your festivities proceed or you want more to just be able to “kick back and enjoy,” I’ll make it happen just how you like!

Take that first step and call today to schedule a consultation! You’ll be glad you did!