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Wedding Officiant Services


Why an Independent Wedding Officiant?

With increasing frequency, and in contrast to more traditional customs, couples are choosing the option of creating more personalized wedding ceremonies to commemorate their vows and commitments. While the familiar time-honored ritual verbiage is beautiful in its own manner, a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony, crafted using cues, special meanings, and nuances unique to you and your intended adds a memorable element to your special day which you and your guests will remember for years to come. Independent wedding officiants are playing an ever-growing role in the creation of extraordinary wedding ceremonies that leave a wonderful and indelible impression on all in attendance.

Some couples also choose an independent wedding officiant for the simple reason that they prefer a ceremony which doesn't include or draw upon religious settings, rituals, or readings. Others find that the process of planning their wedding ceremony is more relaxed with an independent wedding officiant, and the couple exercises a much greater degree of control over the "look and feel" of their ritual. In almost all cases, there are fewer "hoops" to jump through and fewer arbitrary conditions to be met.


Creating Your Ceremony

Creating your wedding ceremony is an experience which caters entirely to your wishes. Some couples prefer something short and sweet. Perhaps pre-scripted, but not necessarily traditional in the pure sense of the word. Other couples choose to take the creative reins and truly make the wedding ceremony something that could only have been fashioned by them. Others, yet, appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with and receive guidance from an experienced professional who has presided over numerous weddings and can provide input regarding facets of their ceremony they might not yet have considered.

I am happy to provide samples of wedding ceremony verbiage to prospective clients for the purpose of providing some initial direction. In this manner, couples often find that their own creative tendencies begin to take over and, before they know it, they are well on their way to constructing a customized, personal ceremony which holds deep and intimate meaning for them.


Planning the Ritual

What is said on the day of your wedding is but one facet of what will become the ritual that marks your transition to married life. Everything else that happens during your ceremony also requires a certain amount of foresight and planning, the degree of which largely depending upon factors such as:

  • The number of people directly involved in the ritual, e.g. attendants, flower bearers, ring bearers, parents/grandparents, etc. (i.e., how long will the processional and recessional take?)
  • The age of all the participants (i.e., will there be small children taking part in the ritual who may by shy or need a little "gentle nudging" in the right direction?)
  • The order of the participants in the ritual (i.e., who will walk ahead of or behind whom?)
  • Will there be ceremony music, and, if so, who will be providing it? (timing of the ceremony music should be synchronized with the beginning and end of the processional and recessional, and this may need to be coordinated with whoever is providing your ceremony music)
  • Physical aspects of the location at which the ritual is to be held
  • Individual features of your specific ceremony (i.e., will there be any musical interludes? will a "side ceremony" be included, and should there be music for that?)

Making all of this happen impeccably is a component of planning the ritual that gives many couples a great deal of stress. With my experience in coordinating a great many ceremonies, you can rest assured that this will all come together in a way that mirrors an exquisitely choreographed event. As one of the Cincinnati metropolitan area's most loved DJs, I am fully capable of providing both the ceremony and the music that embellishes it.

Part of planning the ritual involves its rehearsal. This is usually held one or two days before your ceremony, and generally goes most smoothly if all of the key people in the wedding party are present and participating. If it can be held at the site at which your ceremony is to take place, even better.

As your officiant, I take it upon myself to be at your rehearsal and to provide clear, understandable coordination so that everyone knows just what to do and when. If I am providing ceremonial music, it also gives me insight into how the music needs to be tailored to fit the proceedings. All of that is taken care of "behind the scenes."


In Conclusion

Whatever your reason may be for considering an independent wedding officiant, I perform weddings of virtually all types and sizes, from the small and intimate to the larger and more formal. The flexibility I offer as an independent wedding officiant allows you, the couple, a much greater degree of control over what your ceremony looks like and how it proceeds. The precision in planning that characterizes me only works to your benefit to assure you that the details of your day will come about just as you like.