DJ Doc Keep Calm and Doc On

Everyone sings (you know you do)!

Whether it's on a stage, in a group, or in the privacy of a nice, hot shower! Singing is a great stress reliever, and though, for some, this might sound a little hard to believe, karaoke is very much alive and well in the Cincinnati tri-state area!

There's a show going on most nights of the week somewhere, and karaoke nights are often filled with some of the most friendly people you could hope to meet!

For two years, I hosted a weekly show that I dubbed the "Saturday Night Mental Oil Change" at Quaker Steak and Lube on Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati (hence the show's catchy little name!). Hosting a karaoke show in a restaurant that, for the most part, caters to families can be a challenge, but with consistency, it became one of the largest and most well-known shows in the area, often with more than 30 singers in attendance and signed into the rotation! The show was a tremendous success, and resulted in a significant following.

Karaoke is all about atmosphere. A fun, energetic, upbeat setting with danceable music, a vast selection of songs across all genres available for people to sing, announcements ensuring people know just what specials the establishment is offering, and a host (that's me!) that plays off of the energy of patrons (and injects it, where necessary!) is a winning formula which, with consistency, can turn your establishment into the place to be on karaoke night!

Karaoke is not only a lot of fun (and, in many cases, a load of laughs), but it is a great way to build bar business! When patrons find a place where they like to go and sing, having a great time while they're there, in many cases, the results are regulars.

Karaoke presents an opportunity to not only cement existing business but to build new business from within the area. One way in which a fair number of establishments that have consistent karaoke shows attract new patrons (who, also, often become regulars) is by way of contests. Singers love to compete, it's a fact...and when there are prizes to be had, the right combination of promotion and patron word-of-mouth can mean a packed house! Often, local sponsors can be counted on to provide contest prizes in exchange for promotional consideration.

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It could be YOU stepping up to the mic!