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DJ Doc

Q&A with DJ Doc

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, and how did you get started with DJ'ing, MC'ing, and entertaining?

A: Let's start with the obvious ... I wasn't born "DJ Doc." I was born Jayson Levine. Technically, I still am, but I'm proud to have picked up my professional "handle," and when I'm on the mic, I wear it well!

I am originally from New York, having lived there until 1999. Music and performance have always not only been parts of my life, but they have consistently marked what I consider to be its highlights. I have been a vocal performer for as long as I can remember, and I have always been moved by all different genres of music, from rock to Bach.

I started DJ'ing in 2011 after having been discovered at a karaoke/open mic night on the East side of Cincinnati. DJ'ing, MC'ing, and entertaining fit perfectly with my personality, as I love to have fun and lead others in doing the same.

Q: How would you describe your "DJ style" in three words or less?

A: Enthusiastic, Focused, Adaptable

Q: What is your "philosophy" on DJ'ing, MC'ing, and entertaining in general?

A: My clients choose to work with me because of what I’m able to offer to them, so I’d best be certain that I have what it takes to “wow” them. My objective isn’t merely to make my clients happy and to have them thank me at the end of their event…it’s to have my clients’ guests talking about the event for weeks and months to come, and for my clients to feel compelled to refer other prospective clients. That’s the highest compliment anyone can pay me.

Q: What do you enjoy most about DJ'ing weddings?

A: As a precisionist, those situations which demand a high degree of orientation to detail and meticulous planning are those which allow me to shine. The ability to combine this personality trait with a deeply-rooted love for music and entertaining provides me with an immensely satisfying outlet while providing my clients with a professional, polished product that turns their affair into the “talk of the town.”

My clients have enough stress when it comes to making sure that their big day goes smoothly. I take pride in my ability to confidently take a significant share of that burden off of their shoulders so that they can enjoy their day without worry.

Q: What do you think it takes to be a good DJ, MC, and entertainer?

A: A positive, “can-do” attitude. The heart of a servant. A knowledge of different eras and genres of music. The ability to “read” a crowd and gauge their reaction(s) to what you’re doing in order to determine your next step(s). The willingness to get out of your comfort zone and engage with people you haven’t necessarily known for a significant portion of your life. A keen ability to multi-task. The ability to stay completely cool and collected when and if something doesn’t go as planned, and an extensive knowledge of how to handle such situations with poise. A desire for clients and their guests to have the same great time on the dance floor that you do in choosing, preparing, and cueing up the next song that you know is going to keep the energy driving.

Q: What makes how you perform and what you offer stand out among other prospective choices?

A: You’ll almost never see me sitting down during a performance, be it at a wedding or elsewhere. What makes a performance fun for me is getting out into and among my crowd and making them a part of the production…for example, I love taking my wireless microphone out into the crowd and having guests sing along with whatever’s playing! I’ve also been known to dig around for information about parents’/grandparents’ wedding songs and to make some special time for them to relive their own special day if only for a few minutes.

I am also a licensed wedding officiant, so I am capable of offering my clients a “one-stop shop” experience in the event that they have not yet made arrangements for that facet of their wedding.